Women of The Church of God (WCG)


The Women of the Church of God (WCG) is a separate ministry affiliated with the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana. The name was changed to Christian Women Connection in 2009 (CWC). However, as with old traditions, the Chilhowie Church still refers to the women organization as WCG. The group is represented at a National, State and Local level. The National mission statement is "Serving Christ through serving women and equipping them for ministry". A link to the National Groups is as follows follows:


The links above will provide insight into the various outreach missions and the link also contains dates for coming events.

The WCG at the FirstChurch of God, Chilhowie is in the process of reorganizing at this time and they mainly focus on the Christ Birthday Offering event, which occurs in November . The local WCG group elects their own officers. In the past the meetings were on the second Sunday of each month and all women were invited to attend. Going forward any special events will be posted below,